Our team

In healthcare, the stakes are always high. That’s why we’ve built a team with the capabilities, energy and expertise to deliver the impact our clients require.

We are proud to be a Great Place to Work Certified™ company.


We know your business

We’ve been advising clients for doing for years and have helped to launch some of the most successful healthcare brands in the world.

We make it easy for you

We are resourceful, flexible and responsive. We aim to be an extension of your team and exceed your expectations.

We deliver impact

We deliver business impact, through our strategic advice, activation workshops and engaging multi-media outputs.

Here’s some of the brilliant people you will get to work with across our UK and US offices


Abigail Stuart
Founding Partner

Abigail is a seasoned expert at the intersection of technology and healthcare market research, data and insights. Her objective has always been straightforward: to combine the untapped power of technology with the critical thinking of human intelligence. Abigail is a regular speaker on the topic of technological innovation and a 2023 winner of Campaign 40 over 40 award which recognises outstanding contributions to the advertising, marketing, media and technology industry.

People describe Abigail as creative, determined and strategic.

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Hannah Mann
Founding Partner

Hannah has 23 years of experience in pharmaceutical research both on the client and agency side. Throughout her career she has been lucky enough to work on some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical brands – seeing them through from early-stage development all the way to launch and beyond. Hannah has also deep expertise in the area of vaccination (paediatric, adult and travel) built up over the last 15 years from both the agency and client side.

People describe Hannah as fearless, hard-working and fun.

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Joel Jitell
Global Head of Operations

Joel has over two decades of experience in market research with most of that time spent with project management, operations and business transformation, having done respondent recruitment and moderation prior to this. Joel cares deeply about not wasting time, about the right people doing the right things and ultimately that we can work the way we live – in a fast paced, dynamic, multi-cultural world that’s powered by technology.

People describe Joel as collaborative, efficient and fun.

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Claire Macchia
Managing Partner - US

With over 20 years of global healthcare research and brand building, Claire has helped to shape the launch trajectory of some of the biggest brands in healthcare. Bringing equal parts curiosity, intellect and creativity, she had led engagements that have redefined go-to-market strategies and refreshed more mature brands in ‘user-chooser’ categories such as aesthetics, vaccines and wellness to high science brands in autoimmune, cardiometabolic and oncology. As an expert listener, she loves designing and guiding conversations that bring fresh discoveries to both respondents and her clients.

People describe Claire as smart, empathetic, driven and creative.

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Reena Sooch
Partner, Head of Digital Strategy

Reena brings over 16 years of expertise to changing the landscape of healthcare. Her strategic acumen has been pivotal in steering both payers, pharmaceutical and large tech companies towards the digitalisation of health (from digital therapeutics to omnichannel solutions). 

Reena works on studies which span early ideas of innovation (discovery work) to the scaling up of market presence for new healthcare solutions (product-market fit).  Reena is now immersing herself in the world of large language models (LLMs) and Generative AI, as it is the next frontier of healthcare disruption. 

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Elise Roche

Elise has over 15 years of experience in the research industry – with the first 5 years in FMCG and then specialising in pharmaceutical market research across a range of methodologies after that. She is responsible for many of Day One’s biggest client relationships and leads the agency’s focus on delivering excellent client experiences. Elise’s passion for understanding human behaviour is evidenced by her secret passion for reality television (Shhhhh….don’t tell anyone).

People describe Elise as bright, diligent and efficient.

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Chris Peto

Chris is a seasoned market researcher with over 13 years of healthcare experience.  During his tenure, he has helped to shape the launch strategy for many blockbuster brands in oncology, pulmonology, neuroscience, and obesity.  Chris has led and managed hundreds of US and global studies across a wide range of methodologies and at all stages of the product life cycle.  While comfortable in both qual and quant, Chris is a “qualy” at heart and loves the flexibility to evolve customer conversations throughout research engagements, extracting the most out of every interview, and always searching for golden nuggets of insight to help crystalise brand strategy.

People describe Chris as strategic, passionate, agile, and hard-working.

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Ben Lorkin
Senior Research Director

Ben has 17 years healthcare experience and has worked for several leading insight-based brand consultancies. Ben specialises in qualitative research and has extensive pre and post launch experience across a range of methodologies, including ethnography, patient journey, communications research and drivers and barriers. Ben is a qualified NLP practitioner and is passionate about behavioural science and pioneering the use of new thinking and approaches – leading qualitative innovation at Day One and in several of his previous companies.

People describe Ben as strategic, creative and curious.

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Hayley Mangan
Senior Research Director

Hayley has over 20 years of Insight experience– the first 10 years working in FMCG, consumer health and B2B specialising in brand strategy and ethnographic approaches to insight generation. Her enjoyment in consumer health research led her to seeking a career in health Insight. Hayley thrives on building great relationships, be that with clients or gaining the trust of patients and HCPs she talks to. She enjoys challenging projects, especially brainstorming the answers to tricky business questions. She is known for her ‘can do’ attitude, flexibility, openness to embrace new methods and being focused on the ‘so what’ for clients.

People describe Hayley as motivated, collaborative and thoughtful.

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