Healthtech can be complex. Let Day One Digital Strategy simplify it for you.


Day One Digital Strategy partners with healthcare companies as one team to succeed in digital health.

In an industry where failure is high in launching digital innovations, expert knowledge and access to the right guidance is critical for success.

We are a strategy, data and innovation advisory team, helping you to succeed in digital health.

Solving digital problems in healthcare is our passion.

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Your focus areas
- our specialties

From omnichannel to digital therapeutics, we cover it all while providing personal attention, nimbleness and the flexibility you need to reach new digital heights.

How we can help your business grow

1. Digital Strategy and Commercialisation

Commercial Strategy:

Crafting plans to achieve business objectives and capture digital market share.


Market Launch and Expansion:

Deploying digital health solutions to new markets and ensuring successful adoption.


Digital Operationalisation:

Transforming traditional processes to leverage digital capabilities.

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2. Patient and Customer Engagement

Creating Digital Experiences:

Designing and implementing user-centric digital touchpoints.


Omnichannel Engagement:

Ensuring consistent and seamless interactions across all digital and physical channels.

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3. Data Intelligence and Innovation

Data Analytics:

Harnessing patient, operational, and market data to make informed decisions.


Utilisation of Foundational AI:

Leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance analytics, predict trends, and personalise experiences.

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Who benefits most
from our work?

We partner cross-functionally with ambitious leaders who want to realise the full value of digital health opportunities.

We collaborate best with those who believe in true partnership – and are eager to adopt a ‘one team’ approach.

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An experienced team led by digital health experts you can trust

Reena Sooch
Reena Sooch
Partner, Head of Digital


Results-oriented healthcare executive with 16+ years of experience, known for strategic expertise in digital and connected health.


Areas of expertise

Digital experiences

Digital opportunity assessments

LLMs, AI and data analytics

Alexis Anderson
Alexis Anderson
Partner, Head of Digital


Agile consulting leader with specialized expertise in enterprise-wide digital transformation; Alexis excels at positioning organisations for sustainable growth and success


Areas of expertise


Digital transformation & implementation

Techquity and health equity

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