Enhancing oncology decision-making by combining technology and human intelligence


At Day One Strategy, we are pioneering new approaches to help oncology clients make critical decisions. Our unique approach combines the best of human intelligence with cutting-edge technology, empowering you to achieve faster, better-informed choices that drive tangible business outcomes.


Why oncology expertise matters

Oncology is a complex and rapidly evolving field, characterised by a constant influx of new developments, innovative mechanisms of action, and the perpetual challenge of clinical differentiation and market share. As a result, making product and marketing decisions in oncology is significantly more complex than in many other therapy areas.

Navigating these market dynamics and heightened competition necessitates bridging gaps in customer insight to differentiate your brand and adapt swiftly to change.

Day One is uniquely placed to answer oncology challenges

Helping Oncology Brands Stand Out

With oncology brands being marketed across multiple lines of therapy, oncologists often face an overwhelming amount of information to process. We leverage AI tools to predict attention and enhance memorability, ensuring your brand stands out amidst the noise.

Delivering Rapid Insights

Time is of the essence when assessing new assets for acquisition and development. That’s why we employ innovative quali-quant methods, harnessing smart technology to quickly analyse data and deliver reports in a timely manner.

Going Beyond the Rational Oncologist

While oncologists may appear to make decisions based solely on data, we delve deeper. Through the application of voice analytics and advanced techniques, we uncover the underlying emotional and subconscious factors that influence decision-making.

Unparalleled oncology expertise

Bringing a new oncology molecule to market requires more than just market research expertise and methodological understanding. It demands deep clinical, technical, and industry knowledge. Our oncology-focused experts possess over 50 years of combined experience across a diverse array of solid and liquid tumours, including immuno-oncology, novel TKIs, cell and gene therapy, and off-the-shelf bispecifics.

With our comprehensive understanding of molecules, treatment algorithms, patient profiles, market context, and industry trends, you can trust us to effectively communicate, generate relevant content, select the right respondents, and deliver concise insights and recommendations.

Our services

  • Staying ahead of emerging trends and competitor developments
  • Identifying and prioritising unmet needs in oncology care
  • Clinical trial and TPP design with opportunity assessment
  • Understanding behavioural and psychological drivers of prescribing
  • Segmenting customers to identify early adopters and priority patients
  • Crafting a compelling value proposition and positioning
  • Optimising messaging and communication strategies
  • Brand tracking and performance monitoring

Oncology experience

25+ tumour types covered, with deep expertise in many of these
400 oncology projects delivered by our team
50 new oncology drug launches successfully supported

How can we help?

If you are looking for oncology experts to help answer your critical business questions please get in touch.