Ben Lorkin
Senior Research Director

Ben has 17 years healthcare experience and has worked for several leading insight-based brand consultancies. Ben specialises in qualitative research and has extensive pre and post launch experience across a range of methodologies, including ethnography, patient journey, communications research and drivers and barriers. Ben is a qualified NLP practitioner and is passionate about behavioural science and pioneering the use of new thinking and approaches – leading qualitative innovation at Day One and in several of his previous companies.

People describe Ben as strategic, creative and curious.

Ben is fascinated by understanding why people do what they do and turning learnings into insight into strategic recommendations that influence behaviour and drive brand action.

Key achievements

  • Led multiple pre-launch programmes of pre-launch research from market understanding through to concept testing
  • Successfully helped to relaunch what was a faltering brand into what is now a global blockbuster through reframing messaging by better understanding the needs and motivations of key customers
  • Developed new approaches to positioning research, concept testing and co-created an approach using crowd sourcing
  • Presented industry papers on; human vs. machine, the pros and cons of using AI ‘all that glitters is not gold’, how to run successful online virtual workshops and delivered several ethnography masterclasses
  • Published articles on the benefits of telehealth, what estate agents can learn from behavioural science, lessons in motivation from a two-year old, what Apple Pay can teach the healthcare industry and why video is worth a million words

Roles and qualifications

  • Managing Partner at Day One, Former US Managing Partner of Health at Hall & Partners
  • Senior Director at Day One Strategy, previously Group Strategy Director at Hall & Partners Health
  • 2:1 degree in Business and Environmental Science from the University of Surrey (Roehampton)
  • Qualified NLP practitioner

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