Chris Peto

Chris is a seasoned market researcher with over 13 years of healthcare experience.  During his tenure, he has helped to shape the launch strategy for many blockbuster brands in oncology, pulmonology, neuroscience, and obesity.  Chris has led and managed hundreds of US and global studies across a wide range of methodologies and at all stages of the product life cycle.  While comfortable in both qual and quant, Chris is a “qualy” at heart and loves the flexibility to evolve customer conversations throughout research engagements, extracting the most out of every interview, and always searching for golden nuggets of insight to help crystalise brand strategy.

People describe Chris as strategic, passionate, agile, and hard-working.

Chris thrives in the uncomfortable, never afraid to learn a new therapy area, or challenge the status quo to identify the best research method to fit the business situation.  He is best known for his exceptional moderation and strategic outputs that bring to life key findings in simple to digest, visual stories.

Key Achievements:

  • Executed the pre-launch qualitative research for a leading GLP-1 Anti-Obesity Medication
  • Pioneered Behavioural Science research methods, with particular focus on HCP decision making via Habit Loop methodologies
  • Designed and facilitated numerous internal workshops with c-suite executives to connect insight to strategy
  • Helped drive 20%+ year on year growth over a 5-year period at Branding Science US
  • Led global initiatives to improve market research processes and efficiencies to ensure best in class research in an evolving industry

Roles and Qualifications:

  • Partner at Day One Strategy, previously VP of Research Operations at Branding Science
  • Certificate in Advanced Moderation from RIVA

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