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Meet Gemma McConnell, an accomplished and passionate oncology market research expert at Day One Strategy.  With a strong scientific background, with a degree in pharmacology and a PhD in cancer cell signaling, Gemma seamlessly transitioned from the world of academia to the fast-paced, ever-evolving field of oncology market insights.


Her unique blend of scientific expertise and market research experience enables her to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry. In this insightful interview, Gemma shares her journey from the lab to market research, discusses the exciting developments in cancer treatment, and reveals her goals for the future at Day One Strategy.

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What led you to a career focused on oncology market research and insights?

My journey began from a scientific background, as I studied pharmacology for my degree at university and later pursued a PhD in cancer cell signaling. After taking a year to travel around the world, following my PhD,  I decided to transition from academia to market research, beginning my career in syndicated market research with a focus on oncology.