Reflections on one year at Day One, by Ania Stankiewicz

At Day One Strategy, our mission is to create a company that everyone wants to work for and work with. This means putting our people first. We continuously strive to make Day One a brilliant place to work, where people feel empowered, inspired and trusted to get on with the job. We believe that the key to unlocking growth is by creating an environment where all employees are satisfied, supported and motivated.

We sat down with Project Manager, Ania Stankiewicz, to hear about her experiences during her first 12 months working at Day One.

What led you to a career in healthcare project management?

I entered the world of healthcare market research about four years ago, after finishing my masters degree in drug discovery and development. Having studied the more technical side of the pharmaceutical industry I wanted to apply my interests by being involved in the market research side. I started off in a company that specialised in KOL mapping and moved to Day One for a new experience and to widen my knowledge of healthcare market research. The work that Day One does with behavioural science and AI massively piqued my interest as this sounded new, innovative and exciting.

What were your expectations joining Day One? 

I could already tell that this company really cares about its people and purpose. A year later I can confidently say that even my expectations were exceeded. I didn’t think a company culture could be this good! It’s been lovely working in an interesting, creative and fast-paced company where everyone is keen to accelerate their individual impact and the overall company impact, all the while having fun and developing great relationships with each other and their industry partners.

What are you most proud of since joining Day One? 

I’m most proud of getting to grips with the different methodologies, techniques and partners we use and work with. I came from a company that focused on quite specialised research so a lot of what we do at Day One was completely new to me. A year on I feel like I’ve found my feet and can confidently contribute to the team. Over the past year, I’ve built valuable relationships with not only our team but the partners we work with, which I’ve really enjoyed.

What do you enjoy the most about your role at Day One? 

Being a Project Manager, my role revolves around being involved with different agencies/suppliers. In doing so, it familiarises me not only with other people but also a breadth of different methodologies and tools used in healthcare market research. Many of these are new and inventive, coming from AI tech, so it’s interesting learning about these and seeing what results they yield in our research. I really enjoy the variety of people I meet and work with – both client side and supplier side. It makes every project just that bit unique, having a team from different agencies and team members from different backgrounds all in it together.

What are you excited about for 2023? 

I’m excited about our growing client base and the projects that are coming with it. With this we’re also growing the team, which is equally, if not more exciting! I’m grateful to have joined at a time where I get to experience and be a part of this growth and change.

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