AI powered insight to generate ideas at superhuman speed

It is getting harder for brands to stand out from the crowd

Much as we would love to think that all health brands and prescriptions drugs are unique and different, unfortunately they are not.  It is hard to get noticed, to stand out and create a brand narrative or service that is both different and reflective of what customers want and need. The added complication is that we are also now more and more pressured for time, no-one can afford to do multiple rounds of research.  So where can we obtain great insight in a fraction of the time?

Tech to supercharge ideation and insight 

We decided at Day One to look at the problem differently, so we partnered with a company called Relative Insight whose technology uses the power of comparison to highlight differences in the way specific audiences, and various demographics talk.  Using this tech, we explored the value of existing online data sources and through mass, AI powered language analysis, gained insight into the paediatric vaccination market.

Applying the approach to help address a real business challenge

Our objective was to help develop ideas for a communications campaign aimed at increasing paediatric vaccination in the UK.  Over the years, pro vaccination campaigns have tried many different communication routes such as guilt, fear, factual debate and many more.  But we wanted to look for a new message, one that might have broader appeal and help speak to parents in a more positive and relevant way.

AI to analyse hundreds of conversations between pro and anti-vaccinators

The language analysis was conducted with the objective of gaining rapid insight into current conversations between both pro and anti-vaccinators.   We wanted to better understand what is being said, how the two different sides debate, the arguments they use, their tone of voice and underlying sentiment. We focussed our search on the key online forums where we know mothers actively debate this issue, looking at current conversations but also how they have evolved over time to help us recognise shifts in the debate and how this was affecting attitudes and behaviours.

Detailed and relevant insights in a matter of days

A number of findings were clear from the research but the main discovery for us was that it was able to give us huge amounts of easily digestible data at speeds no human could ever match.  This phase of the research took only 2 days to complete and provided numerous fresh, ideas that we could then developed into idea ‘Springboards’.  These were then fed into testing and refinement via an online community.   This approach took at least 3 or 4 weeks off the project timings and provided key nuggets of inspiration that would otherwise have been very hard to find.

Multiple use cases, huge potential

Developing positioning ideas is one use case but rapidly generating ideas for patient materials, better understanding issues such as adherence (or lack of it), understanding how patient attitudes are changing over time and analysing corporate communications are just some of the other ways this approach can be put to good use.

A drop in the ocean with plenty more to come

As we get to grips with the possibilities of what new tech can bring to our industry it is our mission at Day One to try and blend the old with the new, to superpower human intelligence with the benefits that new technology can bring.  This is just a small example of what can be achieved from just a couple of days work, a mere drop in the ocean.  What else we can do is beyond exciting and sure to change the face of research forever.